Architecting For Breakthrough Security Solutions

In order to design a security architecture that is crypto-native from the ground up, we had to take a radical approach to our architecture. Our solution includes a high-performance processing core for fast computation as well as ReRAM for secure storage. In addition, we have dedicated blockchain accelerators that support high-speed computation for various security algorithms.

ReRAM is orders of magnitude more secure than traditional flash memory and can integrate with logic so our solution can be manufactured at an advanced node. This means more effective physical security, a smaller die size (and therefore, smaller and newer form factors), lower power consumption, and ultimately lower cost for end-users.

In addition, our solution implements robust physical countermeasures that prevent physical attacks to the chip such as fib, probe, fault injection, side-channel attacks, etc. On top of this, we provide an open programming model that allows innovators to fully leverage the power of this chip and bring breakthrough products to market.